Together - THRIVE 2019

“The church is a whole, not separate, and was designed to be that way. We are the next generation and we can only have a revival if we work together.” This is what God revealed to one student who attended our Chets Students annual THRIVE Weekend. This year, 222 students and leaders from all four of our campuses came together for a weekend of fun, worship, and discipleship. Students connected with God, built relationships with each other, and were challenged to live together in Christ centered community.


He had no idea what would come from the thank you note he wrote, all he knew was that he had to write it, and he knew exactly who he needed to write it to. During our ThankFULL series at Chets, we passed out thank you cards and challenged everyone to write out a thank you and give it to someone. A specific woman came to Mike Russell’s mind during that challenge.

A Place to Belong

Imagine visiting a place thinking you would be there for a day or two of vacation and then waking up one day having lived there for a year and a half. That’s what happened to Claudia, Pablo, Sofia, Mateo, and Alejandro. When Claudia and her family first came to Jacksonville from Venezuela in 2017, they had no intention of staying. But as Claudia said, “God had a different plan.”