Corporate Sponsorship

In past years when we did the #pink4jon 5K and fun run we had a number of local businesses who participated as corporate sponsors.

We wanted to extend that same opportunity to some businesses again this year for the #pink4jon Offering. Below you’ll find the details of corporate sponsorship as well as a webform to sign up as a corporate sponsor.



Cost – $250 Donation

*Donations are Tax Deductible 

What you get as a corporate sponsor:

  • Your logo on our Pink4Jon worship folder insert that will be distributed to our 4 Chets Creek Campuses on Sunday, February 24 and Sunday, March 3

  • We will put your logo and a link to your website or facebook page on our Pink4Jon page on the church website.

  • At the end of the Pink4Jon offering campaign we will do a social media post to our facebook and Instagram accounts thanking our corporate sponsors and tag your company in that post.

Corporate Sponsor Registration

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