20th Anniversary Celebration Recap

This past Sunday our Chets family celebrated our 20th anniversary together at The Florida Theatre. “I can’t believe it’s been 20 years. I remember meeting in the school when there were just a few people and praying for 250 people to come to the Eggstravagaza. The leadership at Chets is amazing,” said Sheri Kostick. We now average 2,500 people across our four campuses. It was amazing to celebrate with people from all of those campuses in one location.


As people entered the theatre, we had a photo booth to commemorate the occasion and a timeline banner for everyone to sign next to the year they began attending Chets Creek. From the person who was part of the first service in 1998 to the person who just started coming last month, the timeline was filled with people who’ve been a part of the story of Chets Creek Church.


Worship kicked off with a 20th celebration medley opener of songs from the past 20 years.  It was led by the worship leaders from each campus, a full band, and a worship choir. “I got to sing in a choir on stage for the first time in 15 years, which was an incredible honor, yet it turned out the choir was in the crowd. The roar of a joyful noise to the Lord was coming from the seats. Such an inspiring call for His presence,” said Brian Barbour.

Throughout the rest of the worship set, what Brian said could be felt in the audience as well. From the six year old doing KidWorship dance moves in the aisles to the hands raised in the balcony, God was moving and His people were giving Him glory.


After worship, we were reminded that we don’t take ourselves too seriously at Chets with a compilation of funny videos throughout the life of Chets Creek. Comedian Andrew Stanley took the stage next and had everyone laughing.

Each of our campus pastors shared the vision God has given them to reach their community. Getting to hear the heart of each campus pastor on the same night was a highlight for many. “My favorite part was hearing from each of the campus pastors - what genuine men of faith who are clearly receiving direction from the Lord! I was in awe the whole night,” said Dawn Parker.


The Chets staff took the stage at the end of the night with an inspirational show tune that shared the story of Chets and what it took and will take to continue doing what God has called us to… a million prayers. 

“WOW! is the only word. WOW,” said Southside Campus Pastor Jeff Bedwell of the whole night. Worshipping together as one church, wow. Being reminded of God’s faithfulness over the last 20 years, wow. Hearing how God is at work across Jacksonville through each of our campuses, wow. Hearing the vision for the next 20 years, wow.


“This was super fun!” said Lee Jordan and we couldn’t agree more. It was an incredibly fun and moving night. Thank you, Chets family, for celebrating 20 years of knowing God and being changed by Him in a way that will change the world with us. We’re looking forward to what God has for the next 20!

For more pictures from the night, check out our Facebook album.