Living Out Faith

After receiving a Bible on Back to School Sunday at Chets, six-year-old Logan told his mom Kristin Krancer, “Mommy we have so many Bibles that we read all the time, I wanna give this one to someone who doesn’t have a Bible and tell them about Jesus!” Kristin was blown away that her son had such a desire to share the gospel with others.

When they got home, one of the kids from their neighborhood was hanging out by their door. Logan knew he had to give the boy his new Bible. Logan shared a short version of the gospel with the boy and told him about how he loved Jesus. Logan’s older brother Gavin felt compelled to give the boy the bag of free bread they’d picked up at the Hodges Campus that morning.

The neighborhood boy was on a bike and needed help carrying his stuff back home so Gavin and Logan offered to help all why telling him about Jesus. Logan and Gavin were boldly putting into practice what their parents and their church family was teaching them.


“I love our church and the way they love our family” said Kristin. Before coming to Chets Creek they’d been at the same church for a long time. Somewhere along the way going to church had become less about a desire to go and more about an obligation because “it was the right thing to do.”

She and her husband began praying about what they should do. They visited a few different churches then heard about Chets Creek and decided to give it a try.

After the first Sunday both of her boys were begging to go back. She recalled her youngest son Logan even asking, “Can this be our new church?” Kristin says they were excited to go and happy to be involved.


Kristin felt the same way. “We’ve been here for about three months now and there’s been a completely different shift in my attitude,” she said. “I’ve become passionate about God again. I’ve found community.” Mark, Kristin’s husband, recently took a job where he works Sundays, but he’s been able to find community with their LifeGroup outside of Sunday mornings.

As a family, they’re always looking for ways to live out their faith. Kristin shared a story of driving downtown after church one Sunday and seeing a homeless man who needed food. She and the boys had grabbed a bag of the free Chets bread and knew the homeless man needed it more than they did, so they gave it to him. “We’ve made it our mission to go to the gym downtown and give away bread now every Sunday.”


“I don’t believe in preaching at your kids, but I think you teach them by example.” Kristin is thankful for a church that partners with her family to do that. She’s excited about the opportunities God is giving her family to share Jesus with and minister to the needs of those around them. “My heart is overflowing! I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of the Chets family.”